Living -
Our range of furniture helps you unwind and relax after a busy day at work. These elegant creations in teak, rosewood or metal frames come in the form of Sofas, sofa-beds, arm chairs, recliners, rocking chairs and coffee tables. They are available readymade or can be customized to suit your taste and style.

Dining -
From eat-in kitchens and family rooms, to more formal spaces, our truly stunning array of dining tables, chairs and cupboards, will have you being the envy of your guests. Whether seating for four, six or eight, you can create your own dining combinations by choosing chairs from the additional chair range. Our range of dining furniture, in teak, rosewood, metal, tempered glass or moulded plastic are designed to provide utmost comfort and lasting strength.

Bedroom -
A good quality sleep is important to wash away the worries and tires of the day. Select the furniture for your bedroom suite from our choice of cots, side-tables, dressing sets, chest of drawers, wardrobes and cloth-stands made in teak, rosewood and steel. They have been picked, keeping the expectations of the end user in mind, with special attention to versatility and quality.

Entertainment -
To entertain or to be entertained in sophisticated comfort is easy with our range of entertainment units for your TV or Home Theatre Systems. Lie back in our reclining or rocking chairs, put your feet up and appreciate the cares of the day being swept away.

Home office -
Trying to fuse your workspace with home? Why not go through our range of computer tables/ office desks, office chairs and cabinets. We are confident; we can help you reduce your work load.

Kids -
Children´s furniture makes a bedroom and playroom their own. Find a range of beds, cots, kid´s tables & chairs, study desks, and other beautiful furniture here.

Office furniture -
´Stylish and practical furniture to increase productivity´ is what we have to offer. With the style and comfort of our wide range of office desks, workstations, executive desks, reception desks, executive chairs, office chairs, stools and storage units or cupboards; you are sure to find a suitable combination for getting a job well done.

Conference / board room furniture -
Elegant, contemporary and stylish range of tables, chairs and occasional furniture to suit the taste of any executive, the purpose of any organization and the decor of any conference or board room.

Hospitals -
Reception desks, consultation desks, office desks, computer tables and workstations, side tables, arm-chairs, recliners, waiting room chairs, office chairs and a whole range of furniture to provide your staff with a comfortable place to work and patients and their relatives with a pleasant experience in hospital.

Hotels and Restaurants -
A pleasant stay and good food is what customers look for. Our range of dining tables, kitchen tables, reception tables, counters, cupboards and shelves, chairs and benches, bed room furniture and custom made matresses might suit the theme and ambience of your hotel/ restaurant to make it the best place to live/ eat out/ take away.

Schools and Educational institutions -
Our range consists of Preschool and elementary school furniture like small desks, tables, benches, arm chairs and rocking chairs to help our little friends learn and enjoy their play time at school. Traditional classroom furniture like desks, tables, and chairs to suit the size of the room, the age of the students, and the tasks to be performed can be made to order. The desks may be made of wood, metal or other durable materials, may or may not be connected to chairs. We also have office furniture for school offices, staff rooms and recreation rooms.

Furniture for public spaces -
We do deal with furniture and furnishing options for public places like Airports, Railway Stations, cinema Theatres, shopping malls, parks, etc. Our fabricators will be at your service, in understanding your needs and providing you with the best possible solutions to suit your budget.

Mattresses -
To help you to a perfect sleep, we have mattresses to suit your support and comfort requirements, in a range of sizes, from the leading manufacturers in the country. Custom made mattresses of any specification to suit the requirements of hotels, hospitals, hostels etc can be ordered in bulk and will be delivered in reasonable time.


Curtains -
Elegant and stylish fabrics for window curtains & valances in a whole range of colour, texture and style, to suit the tastes and requirements of people of all walks of lives. Our frequently updated stock includes the latest trends and materials from leading manufacturers in the country and overseas. Our team of fabricators will help you with patterns and designs and will have your curtains fully installed in time.

Blinds -
Bring warmth and beauty to your room - whether it be at home or at work. Our range of venetian, vertical, timber and bamboo blinds will be custom- made and fully installed to suit your requirements.

Upholstery Fabrics -
Walk into our showroom, mix and match colours, textures and styles from our range of quality fabrics sourced from manufacturers in India and overseas. We have been one of the leading retailers of high quality fabrics to domestic decorators and the upholstery market in Kerala. All types of upholstery works including reupholstering will be undertaken and delivered in quick time.

Mattresses -
To help you to a perfect sleep, we have mattresses to suit your support and comfort requirements, in a range of sizes, from the leading manufacturers in the country. Custom made mattresses of any specification to suit the requirements of hotels, hospitals, hostels etc can be ordered in bulk and will be delivered in reasonable time.

Cushions and pillows -
Great choice of pillows and cushions in various sizes, shapes and firmness to suit your preferred level of comfort and to enhance the beauty and warmth of any interior. Custom made pillows and cushions of your preference can be made to order and delivered in reasonable time.

Bed linen -
Our range of bedspreads and accessories to dress up your bedroom furniture and snuggle up so comfortably that you'll sleep like never before.

Bathroom accessories -
A wide range of bathroom accessories like towels, bath mats and shower curtains to suit the decor of your bathrooms.

Carpets, rugs and floorings -
We specialise in the supply and installation of all quality custom - made carpets, rugs and vinyl flooring requirements. With a huge range of carpets, and vinyl flooring options, you will be sure to find the right flooring solution for your home and lifestyle.

Upholstery essentials -
A wide range of products for the professional needs of fabricators. As members of our team, we take pride in providing professional fabricators and upholsterers with the best in business.


If you have an idea that you´d like to bring to life please feel free to let us know. We might be able to tailor our services and products to your taste, so as to help you bring your dreams to life. The firm, through all its outlets attempts to offer quality and style on any budget.

As retailers the scope of customisation may be limited but please do not hesitate to enquire with our friendly staff about the scope of customisation in the product of your interest.

Custom furniture lets you mix and match fabrics to suit your home. Custom blinds and curtains can be made to accommodate almost window and doors of any specification in your home/ work place.

We let you be the designer - you come to us with the idea- we´ll try to build it for you.


We guarantee workmanship and quality of our products so you will have total peace of mind. Our business relies upon word of mouth; so you know you can trust us to do our absolute best for you.

With a market experience of over 4 decades we do understand the importance of after sales servicing. We can arrange a full range of repair or maintenance services for your furniture and furnishing in quick time and ensure that the inconvenience caused to you is minimal.